Monday, March 1, 2010

President Obama in Savannah.

I have a case of the Monday afternoon blues. The morning started off great, kids went off to school without any serious damage to me or them. My kids are great procrastinators at the simplest things you have to do before getting on the bus: brush your teeth, comb your hair, grab your stuff and oh do have more than just have 2 bites of your Eggo. That being said my tale started on a high note on Friday, a friend of friend managed to get the details for President Obama’s Town Hall Meeting in Georgia. He will gave a few remarks at Savannah Technical College and then proceed to take a tour of the only city that William Tecumseh Sherman didn’t burn on his way to the sea. I RSVP’d like a good freelancer, thinking all was a go. When boom …… I received an email from “Jesse” at the White House Office of Media Affairs to quote Top Gun “Negative Ghost Rider the pattern is full.”
Hence the blues…… boo.
But my momma didn’t raise any quitters, so I’m still going to go; I just won’t get all the special treatment of getting my bags searched, then getting a wand, followed up by pat down.

Come to think of it, I get to enjoy the city of Savannah and I still might get a good photo op. And still be home in time for dinner.
Take that @PressSec.

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