Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A war of ideas

I have come to the conclusion that politics is petty, partisan, immature, ugly pissing contest. And that was before health care reform passed. Now that it has passed, I had thought that some of the rancor would have diminished, but instead it has gotten worse. From the pundits on Fox News to the talking heads on radio and the gee I quit so I can better influence policy Sarah Palin, it has turned what was division of ideology to stopping any all government actions.

I was reading my twitter feed when Senator McCaskill (D) of Missouri tweeted that her subcommittee had been canceled. I tweeted back, until the reconciliation bill is passed in the Senate, I would be willing to bet every session would be canceled. Lo and behold within 10 minutes she was on the floor of the Senate expressing her displeasure of being unable to hold her meeting in order to discuss who the military should hire to train Afgan troops. Bottom line holding up important military and national matters will only make us look weak to our allies and enemies.
To further drive the point home the Republicans are playing to strictly a portion of their base, that splinter group will not help the GOP win back the House or the Senate as matter fact their behavior will only provide wonderful color commentary for Democratic advertisements in November.

So, go on my fellow Republicans stop the government from working take your 2:00pm siestas. While you are napping, we the Americans are taking note.


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bigc said...

Ironically, you're the prototype liberal who doesn't fully understand the consequences of Obamacare or any other social program. There is not ONE success story where the government has heavily intervened in any sector of our economy AND, at the same time, implemented price controls (reimbursements to physicians, payments for procedures, etc.) and rationed the supply of a good. It is breathtaking how many people on the left are driven by feelings and emotions, and not reason, fact and logic.