Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catholic Church=Public Fiasco

Today is Holy Thursday and for Catholics every where it is recalling the Last Supper and the night before Jesus is crucified.
One could argue a crucifixion of different type is going on right now. Between the media, victims and your typical bystander the Roman Catholic Church has had a really bad week.
No one with in the Church seems to have the moral courage to lay it all on the line: We were wrong and we are sorry.
I think partly the reason why the Church has failed to confess, is because of the danger of law suits. The Church is wealthy in property and art, in money they do have a good sum however most is used to run the schools, daycares, hospitals and colleges around the world. But the millions if not billions of dollars they would have to pay out, would endanger all the good they do. (Yes, I know many people just rolled there eyes.) A religious institution doesn’t exist for over 2,000 years without having done some good in the world.
So, to repeat an often used phrase: Confess it’s good for the soul.


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