Friday, April 9, 2010

The Daily Beast: Who are you calling Slacker?

Let’s make something perfectly clear: no one likes to be unemployed. Since moving to Georgia in 2005 my husband has been out of work three times in the last 5 years. When we are unemployed the state governments unemployed benefits are 350 a week. We have a mortgage that is 1900.000 a month, utility bills, 4 kids and a dog. Do you seriously expect people to live comfortably or slack off on 1100 a month? When that doesn’t even pay the note on the house. We have managed to survive only because family has come to our aid, and for that I am grateful and in all probability will never be able to repay but in kindness.

When it comes down to applying for jobs: We spend 2 hours a day filling out applications. I went to a Verizon Wireless Open House in Atlanta. There were hundreds of people waiting; they had in some cases waited two to three hours for an interview. I figured what the heck what else do I have to do today? A man named Tom announces they are looking for people to work in a call center in Alpharetta, I volunteer to interview. Only to find out no, it’s not an interview, he gives me a quick run down about the job. And asks if I’m interesting. Yes, of course, I’m interested. It pays 21,000 a year and benefits start day ONE. He said some one would call me classes start in mid April. As of yet no one has called.

When it comes down to temp work anything I can get I do. For CNN I spent four days organizing information so it could be properly displayed in database for missing people in Haiti. For my work before taxes I was paid 519.00.

The bottom line is we have reached the end of our tether. We have filed Chapter 7 and if we are unable to secure any form of employment we will lose our home.

Not a fate I would wish on any one.


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