Thursday, May 27, 2010

Babies and Utah

I was glancing through The Huffington Post and came across a new photo spread showing Bristol Palin and her son Tripp all decked out for a tea party. In the article she complained about what she looked like while pregnant, her inability to go to a college of her choice and the fact the her ex Levi Johnston had just made his first child support payment. All the while being photographed for a piece in People magazine and a spokes person for Candies. If she had actually married Levi Johnston and divorced him, she would probably be paying him alimony.

So, she’s suppose to be teaching that abstinence is the best policy and how having a baby before getting an education seriously hampers a person ability to support themselves and family. Whoa. Really?

Utah is thinking of going down the same path as Arizona, because they have had an increase in their Hispanic population. Apparently politicians have assumed that most of the Latino looking people if not all are living in Utah illegally. Check off another state that I will never visit, even if they have great powder for skiing.


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