Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memo to POTUS. Subject: BP & Gulf of Mexico

Memo: President Obama and Staff.

The inability of British Petroleum (Beyond Petroleum) to gain control of the massive oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico has exasperated and infuriated all Americans. Not to mention the fury of our Southern neighbors and the coming anger from Europe should the oil slick spread out to the Atlantic.

Your strong words “Boot on BP’s Throat” have not been followed up by strong actions. Beyond political show and threats nothing has been done to force BP to accept outside help in order to gain control of this overwhelming mess. Or to tell British Petroleum to get the hell out, and have another entity that has United States interest at heart take over.

Our representatives and senators also fail to realize the magnitude of this environmental disaster. Their unwillingness to govern on behalf of the people is particularly galling.

Please, be advised tempus fugit we are on the verge of losing an important facet of our country: A living Gulf of Mexico.

President Obama has said in the past that if his staff was unable to come up with a solution for a serious problem; that it would end up in front of him. Sir, it’s on your desk now. Do something.


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