Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oil and Water Don't Mix

Oil, Oil, Oil everywhere in the Gulf of Mexico and not a drop can be used in anything. Four thousand gallons of sweet crude oil is being spilt day after day; because neither BP nor the US Government was ever prepared for the worse. Many of the backup plans were formulated for shallower waters. In this case the deep oil rig was drilling 5,000 feet down. The Coast Guard, BP and our naval personnel have sent rovers and robotic caps in an attempt to stop the flow. Nothing has worked; our Left Coast is in danger of losing its livelihood, the sensitive ecological zone that helps keep Louisiana safe from the full effects of hurricanes is going to be ruined. It will take years if ever to recover. Oil is life’s blood of economies everywhere; but it’s time to recognize that big oil while it makes good advertisements about living on the planet, they really don’t care about the planet.


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