Thursday, June 10, 2010

81 million Dollars = Nominee for GOP Gov in Ca.

What does 81 million US dollars get you? The nominee for the Republican Party running for Governor of California; Meg Whitman sealed the deal on Tuesday with a fiesta. Now she is going to go head to head with former Governor Jerry Brown of California.
What I find most interesting is that she ran on a platform of not being a Sacramento insider. Where is E Bay headquartered? It’s in California, how many lobbyists did she have on pay roll to make sure the state law favored her. Tons I have no doubt. Secondly, most CEO are use to being charge, their request/orders are done without too much questioning. How does Meg Whitman expect to impose that kind of rule in Sacramento, when everyone works on the premise we are all equals; public servants who are trying to do their best by Californians. Not to mention protect their power base. I suspect should Meg Whitman win her election, she might start asking for a refund. But like most CEO who have someone else read the fine print at the bottom of the receipt: no refund and no returns. You are stuck.


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