Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FIFA vs Elena Kagan SCOTUS Hearings

Just because I’m in Florida doesn’t mean that FIFA World Cup stops. Japan and Paraguay played to penalty kicks, with Paraguay coming out ahead. The only issue I have with this is that a game of World class should not end in penalty kicks. FIFA should change the rules and reduce the players on the field by 2 or 1 until someone scores. Or that politics will also take a vacation. Today the hearings to confirm Elena Kagan as the next Supreme Court Justice are under way. The Republicans questions are not always based on Ms. Kagan’s work or opinion, but whom she worked for at the time. Also, some are border on insults Senator Session said her decision making in the Harvard situation of allowing military recruiters on campus was not “rooted in reality”. Even though recruiting had gone up while Ms. Kagan was in charge. The Senator claim to what open and honest exchange of ideas, but when their politics gets in the way, it makes it difficult if not impossible to truly gauge a person qualifications.


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