Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congressional BP Hearings

Twitter is down again at least for me any way, because I can hear my phone singing that someone has access to So I’m not able to mini blog along with the Congressional Hearing on the BP Oil Spill (more like volcano or a geyser). A full blow blog is the only way at least for now to get my opinion out.
Congress along with media seems to be blown away that Mr. Hayward seemed unwilling to answer any question directly. He’s been in the oil industry for 26 years; you can’t be blunt if you want to survive. Then of course the congressman assail how can a man with so many degrees be ignorant of the engineering debacle in the gulf coast.
Duh, Mr. Hayward is the Chief Executive Officer not the engineer in chief. He’s focused on the big picture: profits, stock holders and dividends. Beyond that the running of the company is delegated to other officers. Problems, issues, safety matters, regulations are not in Mr. Hayward’s purvey.

If Congress wants answers eat Mr. Hayward’s liver to satisfy your rage, and then move on to better targets. Like MMS and people who work BP further down the food chain.


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