Monday, July 26, 2010

A Car

I have a yen to drive my Mustang. It wasn’t the fastest car or the safest. But it was my first car. I bought it with money from a part time job at Show Biz Pizza Place (Chuckie Cheeses). I was 16 years old and had saved up 350.00 bucks a small fortune for me then. (Who am I kidding if someone gave me 100 dollars today I’d be happy.) I looked every day in the classifieds trying to find a car that would suit my budget. Trust me in 1988 it wasn’t hard to find car for 300 bucks, now if you wanted it run and have wheels that would cost you extra. In the end I located a Mustang 1971 fastback; it was being sold by family just down the street from us. It cost 600 dollars… I was a bit short. My parents thankfully came through with the other half. I was thrilled. Only one problem it was a stick shift, and I wanted to drive it home. My parents reluctantly said ok. I manage to get to the corner of Silverside Rd and Shipley. When the car and I encounter a bit of a hill and I really do mean a bit, but it was enough to stymie the shifter and me. In the end my dad took over and pulled my car into the drive way. It looked so sweet, a new burgundy paint job with pin stripes and best of all it was mine.

But like most sixteen years my love affair with my car comes to end when the bills on supporting the car came. Then I was in car accident and that was the end of that. My car ended up in the junk yard.

I’ve had other cars since then: Omini, Dodge Shelby, Toyota Tercel, my husbands Jeep Wrangler, Ford Taurus, and lastly a Honda Odyssey. The last car has carried my family on errands and long trips safely and comfortably, something the Mustang couldn’t have done.


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