Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Chapter

I am in the process of having a mid life crisis. It’s not your typical event, where normally a person will go and buy a brand new car that a) they can’t afford or b) fit every one in it. It also doesn’t involve a new guy. I have one husband and three boys; I don’t want to break in another one (My daughter is civilized)

For seventeen years I worked in various call centers in the credit card industry. It was a very good job and paid well. In 2005 we moved to Atlanta for a new start and job for my husband. We thought things would continue on the same smooth trend. But we ran headlong into Great Recession 2.0; and life took several unexpected turns. The first being Andy had and was laid off from three different jobs in a space of 4 years. I worked briefly at hospital taking pictures of newborns, and then I worked a short time for a telecommunication company. This last time Andy was let go December 2009, we hit bottom. We just weren’t sure what to do next other then continue slogging through. Then I had a bright idea to try and get job at CNN, it was a long shot, I don’t have any media experience, a degree in journalism or media broadcasting. But I had been doing CNNiReports for 2 years and was a well known face to the producers. It took some time but I landed an interview with personnel and was offered a free lance position.

I have been on the job now for 11 days……… stay tuned for more adventures.


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