Saturday, August 28, 2010

TGIF and Stress

I caused unnecessary stress today.
Andy drove to the Perimeter for a group interview for a job in the FDIC. It’s a wide net that the Federal government has thrown for jobs in Jacksonville and a few here in Atlanta. He had left with the assurance that all the kids were safe at home and I was there to keep it that way.
Unfortunately I decided to take the kids out, we loaded up in the van and off we went. What I failed to take note of was that van’s gas tank was nearly empty. Well make that it was riding on fumes. I was about a ½ mile away from gas station when it conked out. I managed to pull the car on to the shoulder; it’s a busy a road but not a highway. I pull out my handy dandy Droid X and start calling friends: Does anyone have gallon of gas so I can get to the station? After 3 calls Barbara was nice enough to not only bring some gas, try to jump start my car after the battery mysteriously died then gave us a ride home. In all this I made the mistake of texting Andy while he was in the midst of his group interviews. He in turn did the responsible thing, and left to rescue us.

In less then 30 minutes the car was up and running. And I was in the dog house. Although Mo Mo does lead a fairly good life, when she doesn’t get in the trash; but I had gotten into the metaphorical trash by not putting gas in the van sooner.

So let that be lesson to everyone don’t wait till the last fume to put gas in your car. And wait until after husband gets home to deliver the bad news.


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