Friday, September 10, 2010

The MBA Truck Driver

The new norm in my house: I work two days a week at and hope for more hours and or a permanent full time job. And my husband just left to take classes to learn how to be a truck driver. (Cricket noises, followed by WHAT?!) Yes indeed my husband who has his BA and his MBA has worked in the finical field for 18 years can’t get an interview let alone a job. We have hobbled along on tax returns, his temp job with census and my hours at CNN, but the time has come to make some tough choices. Either get a job that will pay at least 40k or throw the family out on the street. Of course my parents and Andy’s parents wouldn’t let us live on the street; we would have to move in with either family. In case you didn’t know we are a family of 6, it wouldn’t be easy to do that. It also would require that we move to Florida or Delaware, first it’s expensive to ship and store our stuff. Second that means I would have to give up any chance on my dream job.

So, we adjust our dreams: It’s not about fixing up the house or redoing the bathrooms. We just want to keep our home. It means that Andy will be gone on the road for several days/night a week. With both parents working we are going to have arrange daycare and afterschool care for kids. Time will be rushed again. But if we keep the house, the kids will be happier for it.

Now on to better news, Andy will start a blog about his training and driving a truck for a living. We need a catchy name for it. We are going to get him a Flip Cam so he can tape his travels. So whoever can come up with cool name, get our eternal thanks and credit.

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