Saturday, September 11, 2010

Social Media and Neighbors

A not so funny thing happen last night in my cul de sac; around 9:20 pm eastern standard time (The reason I can give an exact time I was folding clothes watching The Rachel Maddow Show and my kids were watching Star Wars The Clone Wars) When a fire truck with lights flashing came up the hill. We heard more sirens in the distance 5 minutes later a fire rescue truck. Ok, what’s going? We rubber neck out our door: We sniff no smoke, no sign of fire. Then we see a neighbor head up the hill, she’s in too much of a rush to stop. We start going through our list of neighbors that could be in trouble, my husband says someone should go up and see if they need our help (hint me). No, no I would only be in the way. So I turned to my hand dandy Face Book page and sent the following message:
I hope all is well with you guys

Adriana Rosas Maxwell September 10 at 9:33pm
A fire truck and two ambulances

Katie Sibold Perkins September 10 at 9:37pm Reply
Huh I am out of town. What's happening?!?

10 minutes later my neighbor Mellissa calls she had received a phone call from her daughter Katie who was in North Georgia for a bachelorette party. Melissa had been watching TV not paying attention to the fact her cul de sac was lit up like Christmas and not in a good way. She heads out and sees our neighbor being brought out in gurney she had been bitten by a water moccasin. So, Melissa fills everyone in, we make sure our neighbor is ok and the kids are taken care of.

The wonders of technology and social media: A Face Book Page, a smart phone and a phone call.

Is the neighbor bitten by snake ok? Uh I have to check my twitter feed.

Today is September 11, 2010 for all the first responders, families and people everywhere my thoughts are with you.

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