Friday, October 15, 2010

Living for Working.

Any day now Andy will get his trucker’s driver’s license and when he does we will drive him up to Tennessee. He will be gone for ten days training more on the big rigs. Then he’ll come back home for two days. I’m sure it won’t be enough time for me and the kids. Then he’ll be gone two weeks at time, the truck will run 24 hours a day. It will stop only for loading, unloading and when the guys have run out of hours. Rest assured it won’t happen anywhere near Atlanta.
So, for all intents and proposes I will be a single mom. Not what I signed up for when I took my vows 15 years ago.
But I did sign up: For better or worse, richer or poorer. So far in sickness have been minor temporary issues, thank god.

(On a side note I’m watching Hannity on FOX the Great American Panel; I’m curious what would happen if he actually had some one the panel who could articulate an opposing point view, with out having the rest of the panel pummel him/her)

But on the up side we get to stay in Atlanta and maybe in our house. I’ve had three total interviews. All I need is one yes.


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