Sunday, October 31, 2010

We are.....

There’s old high school joke that my brothers used to say before they started any game: The coach would start off “We are Catholics first; Represent our school second and (sport) players last.” The team’s response went along the lines of “F%^# the first, screw the second and what was the third.”
Crude I know, but I figured it would get your attention. When my parents emigrated from their respective countries, they considered their race to be white. Their previous nationalities were Colombian and Basque/Spaniard. My parents along with other relatives are now naturalized citizens and fall under the heading Hispanic invented by a lower official in the HW Bush administration.    
When we filled out forms in school, my parents would mark off white. They would tell me “Hispanic is not a race.” For my entire life I’ve thought of myself as an American, white whose ethnic background is Colombian, Spaniard, Cuban, Basque mix. Now because of the census and the increasing influence of Hispanic groups like La Raza, I have to wonder whether I should feel compelled to change my identity.
With all due respect.
My answer: No.
I am an American journalist whose heritage is from Spain and Colombia.
Viva los Estados Unidos
Viva Colombia
Viva Espana 


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