Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working for a living

It’s been an exciting week for me at CNN; I’ve had two interviews for various positions with in the company. One interview gave me a homework assignment: create a 2 minute package on a topic with video, sound bites and tracking (my voice reading the script). I manage to do it with assistance of some very experienced edit guys who crammed 4 days of classes into 10 minutes. It was an essence an audition for HLN. I hit send and hope for the best. My second interview had a pop quiz as well at the end I asked if I had passed. The teachers said it wasn’t a pass or fail type of test. So I asked for the job. Eli and Co said they would get back to me. I’m waiting…..

This week I also say good bye to Jim Proeller, he has been with CNN for almost 20 years. So long in fact the only email address he has ever had until Friday is Turner.
I muttered something to the effect it wasn’t fair... his response your what’s next.
I’m only here because a guy who had never met me before took chance.
And for that I’m grateful.

(When I get my own show, Jim would be first on my list for Executive Producer, he keeps me on my toes and honest)

Heads up world.


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