Monday, November 8, 2010


I feel stressed. It’s stupid I know. Everyone is stressed.

I got in the door now all I need is someone to close the door behind me. So they can’t kick me out

My husband is spending five days away from home sleeping in truck cabin that baked him and the trainer at 130 degrees because the engine can’t run on idle without special permission. He and Randy didn’t sleep at all.

For every interview I get… there’s a decline via email.

But all I need is one: YES.

Today I had interview, I think it went well; I dissect it the first hour after wards then try to leave it alone. Rehashing only gives me heartburn.

And for all you cohesive critics out there, no there is no point to this bog. It’s just free flowing angst.

I need to get my husband if not out of truck driving all together out of driving teams that take him out of town for 5 to 6 days.

My kids need their dad.

I need a full time job.

I need….  To stop dwelling on the negative.

I’m here and the future is looking brighter.


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