Friday, November 5, 2010

Life of what was middle class

Andy left Tuesday night on fricking election night for his trucking job. Everything and everyone was crashing and I had to go home. Yes yes I know kids at home life can’t stop for mid term elections. But really??????

It gets better the truck that he and the trainer use is a lemon. When it rained the electrical system shorted. So the truck and they are stuck in Savannah. These two guys are wandering around a dealership waiting to see if and when the truck can get fixed. WHAT! It’s doesn’t take a genius to plug up the truck’s CPU have it spit out some codes and tell you what’s wrong.

They were suppose to take a load back to Atlanta starting at 4:30 pm to show up some time around 1:00 am at home. Well, that ain’t happening of the truck won’t start, or worse yet it starts but then conks out some where in the middle of the road. GET THEM THE OLD TRUCK THAT WORKS or send them home until you can replace the engine on this one.

This is just ridiculous.

Ok I’m finished. Thanks for listening


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