Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life tonight

I’m catching Conan now on TBS that is a sister station to CNN under Time Warner. I think I covered everything.

Unlike Conan that has uncovered everything. He does a segment on Turner Standard Practice and how far he can push the line. It’s basic cable dude, not pay per view.

It’s only day two after the interview, day three by the time you read this blog. The guy said a couple of weeks. I hoping for good news in less than that, cross fingers.

The G20 in S Korea should be interesting tomorrow/today as it was they had 20 people packed in a small room, thing got so heated the organizers had to open the door to let fresh air in. Everyone wants their countries currency to be cheap so their products are inexpensive. But that only works if the country you live in actually manufactures “stuff”.

What do we make? Consumers.


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