Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life's adjustment

It’s officially the end of hump day. The kids are in bed, laundry is done but the dishes aren’t, it’s not like I’m going to get a ticket if I take care of them tomorrow.

I’ve been a bit cranky lately; it probably has a lot to do with fact that Andy is gone all week and two five minute conversation a day is not quite enough. Also how much can you really share.. When there issues at home and he’s 25 miles or 400 miles away, there’s little he can do about it. And when Andy comes home, I make point of making sure he spends the day and half having a good time with his kids. I take care of the disciplinary issues, he wonders why I am playing the heavy and I tell him not to. I’m with the kids every day we can make up anytime, Andy on the other hand not to so much.

It’s not his fault.

We need to refocus on what is gong well.

I am working two days a week in (special thanks to the iReport team). My resume is being looked at; I’ve four interviews in an economic era where people are even lucky to get an email. Including a webcam interview with a gentleman from DC, he said he enjoyed our conversation (I wish I could read into it that statement saying I got the job). I have access to the news feeds sans commercial interruption, all the CNN channels and while I’m working I can listen to all of them.

At home we can cook CHICKEN, (it’s the simple things really) the kids are doing well in school. Ian has to be driven to his school on Saturday to be convinced that it’s really closed.
The dog continues to be a garbage hound, the leaves are changing colors and that speed bump we are about to run over is Thanksgiving.

Saddle up.


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