Friday, November 12, 2010

Politics and cleaning house

Guess what? Soleda vino y limpio la casa.

No, not really I cleaned the house, with the help of four kids who assisted by not causing more of a mess. Yippee.

I’m currently reading Decision Points a memoir of President George W Bush; I’m up to the point of a few days after 9/11. The Bush Dynasty has been pretty well covered by the press, a few new details here and there. I didn’t care for learning about what happen after Barbara Bush had her miscarriage. The fact the W wasn’t prepared for Andover, and he doubted his ability to get into Yale, even after putting down all his relatives that went there. The fact that his teeth were checked on a base doesn’t mean he was actually serving. There are time when he comes across plaintive, complain all you want Mr. Bush but you’ve had a really good life.

National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform: Co chairs came out with their first draft it’s about 50 pages long and I had to read the bugger four times to understand at least 90% of it. I’m not sure why the Democratic Party is in such an up roar. First it’s draft, second most of what happens to Social Security won’t occur until 2050. Third, they want to double the cuts in military savings that Secretary Gates has proposed. Fourth, there are multiple options with in the 50 pages, read the power point slide and then draw your own conclusions.

By the time you read this blog it will be: TGIF


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