Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Search and Find. Just not there.

Let’s get a few things straight about the new slash old more improved searches by TSA.

First the machines are not perfect they can catch you naked but they still miss a lot that is why TSA has now implemented a more physical through search of a person’s body.
Yet we still have to keep in mind that even if the Christmas bomber had been search, it still would have been missed. After all if he kept his cool, the TSA agent wouldn’t have stuck his hand down the soon to be terrorist shorts. And if you want to bring up 9/11, none of those men had anything on their person it was in their carry on.
Second have people over reacted. No, in the United States when we think of body searches we think of an individual who is under arrest, in the custody of the police rather than a traveler on his or her way to Chicago.
Third, if TSA wants to keep this type of searches then it needs to make serious changes to its work force. The current salary for an agent is from $13.79 to 16.75 an hour according to Pay Scale. The required education is a GED or at least 2.00 GPA from high school. The vast majority of screeners only have 1 to 4 year experience on the job (45%). Now if you want to stay with that work force, fine. Then you need to start looking at the managers and make sure the right expectation are set and followed up.
To borrow from IBM we need to build a smarter security system. From when the ticket is purchased to going through security and before the luggage gets on the plane.

But what the heck do I know.


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