Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's next.

It’s Tuesday. My done list.

Got up, check that the kids were dressed decent, brushed teeth, comb hair, eat breakfast, and confirm backpack contents. Made sure Alex and Daniel got to the bus on time. Told James keep an eye on the time. Bundled off Ian to pre-kindergarten. I was informed by a 5 year old, that it is winter and Ian should be in pants. Ian and I responded but its Atlanta. Let me describe to you what this five year old was wearing jeans, sweatshirt, scarf and leather boots, she was ready to go hiking on Mount Washington.

Read my news feed. Followed up on some emails. Talk to Andy before he went to sleep. Sat in traffic, not too bad, ATL PD was directing cars for 2 conventions that invaded us for the day. Got to my desk discovered it was free breakfast. Read more news. Then went to a meeting. Received a phone call from Alex’s counselor; lord the drama queen has struck again. Talk the woman off the cliff.

Life may have been physically harder when my kids were babies. But the mental calisthenics are for more exhausting.

Back work. The one I get paid to do.

Oh up next the to do list.



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