Thursday, December 2, 2010


I turned down a free eye exam and free frames for my daughter today.

The school counselor is aware of our difficulties she put Alex on the list to get an examination and frames at Lens Crafters. The appointment is on Tuesday she would go with a teacher. It would have been the first time I or her father wouldn’t be there for the exam. It seem wrong to do that, I went to Lens Crafter spoke with a manager to explain she’s 11 years old, has a high prescription and astigmatism in both eyes. In order to make sure the right frame is chosen, I wanted to narrow down the choices for Alex. The manager said no. In the past we always bought the thinnest lenses so, she wouldn’t have coke bottle lens. The manager said no. I offered to pay for them. No.

I said ok, and then we would turn down the offer. Her response was that only hurts the child. I told her it would hurt her worse, if she didn’t have a parent there and if she bought glasses that didn’t suit her, what would be the point of free.

We went to Pearl Vision and worked out a deal, next we’ll hit Wal Mart, pick out some cool frames and get the thin lenses.

On the upside I work tomorrow in CNN Mexico… and the last two weeks in December.



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