Thursday, December 2, 2010

History is made not written

When people go looking for entertainment they typically don’t look at history for a light hearted romp.
As matter fact some would argue it’s the quickest way to fall asleep.
Not for me.
I often look at current events through the filter of history.
When George Washington became President of a fledgling United States, he started working on the bills. He quickly found out, he was over his head. He turned to Alexander Hamilton who created a financial system that with some modification is still in place today. Most people remember him for the duel with Aaron Burr by the Hudson on the Jersey side.
At the beginning of our country we had the Articles of Confederation, it lasted 18 years. It gave the power to the states and left a weak central government. From the discussions I over hear these days, you would think some American would want a return to that time. Our history as matter fact world history would have been different.
We ended up using the Federalist Papers written by James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton. Today we call it the US Constitution. It’s been amended over the years for the most part all were done in the interest of expanding and equalizing rights. Others like Prohibition created more problems then it fixed. Love Drugs and Sex an argument for the ages.
Whenever I think of diplomats the scene from “The 300” starring Gerard Butler as Leonidas comes to mind; Xerex had sent a warning “ earth and water” that and the heads of conquered kings. King Leonidas didn’t take it kindly in the movie he kicks the ambassadors into a black hole. Needless to say diplomacy has come a long way.


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