Monday, December 27, 2010

Life and Christmas

By now everyone knows that I’m still free lancing and Andy is team driving, the truck is out for two weeks at a time and never stops. The exceptions are for food, fuel, loads and bad weather.
So with Andy gone the last two weeks of December and me working, I had to find a place for the kids to be taken of. Fortunate for us the kids’ grandparents were able to chip in and watch the kids in Florida. I drove them down on Friday December 17th with the intention that Andy would make it back on the 22nd in order to drive down and bring them back to Atlanta in order to celebrate Christmas.

Well the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.

Weather out in the mid west held up Andy, he would at most travel 230 miles in one day because the roads were so bad. In Wyoming the fog would hit the truck and freeze. At one point I80 was closed at the Utah border due to a truck that jack knifed and was blocking the entire highway for more then an hour. He made it to Salt Lake City, only to have turn around and deal with same storm on the way back. Andy would occasionally text me for weather up date. Once I told him “His radar was clear.” The trucker responded “Yeah but the truck stop is full of snow, we ain’t going any where.”

After tussling with elements and bad drivers, Andy his team mate made back to Tunnel Hill on Christmas Eve around 10:00 am. I fully expected that after he rested he would leave Marietta in the evening and return back sometime the following afternoon. Meaning I wouldn’t get to celebrate Christmas Morning with him or our kids, it would have been the first time we miss the joy of watching the kids come down the stairs all excited to open gifts. I informed the grandparents that unless warp speed was invented in the next 5 hours, chances were the kids would be with them for the holidays.

After I work I went out to eat to avoid the empty house (I love you MOMO, but I missed the kids) then went to see True Grit, finally went back to the house. I settled down on front of the TV trying figure out what I would be doing the next day. When I get a text saying he was 1 hour out from home. Ok one hour from his mother’s house. No. One hour out from our house, his father had driven the kids part way and met up with Andy so he could make it back in time to celebrate Christmas with me.



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