Wednesday, December 29, 2010

With people like these...

I am going to grouse about this and only this one time.

When I tell people my husband is driving team truck and that he’s gone for 3 weeks at a time. Their response well at least it’s a job… and they smile about it. It’s easy for them to smile they don’t have 4 kids and they don’t have a spouse gone for 3 frickin weeks at a time.
I tell them truck driving can be dangerous when you hear about jack knifed trailers and accidents. Oh you can get killed on your way to work!!!! What?? Are you kidding me?
People, let me tell you this for the last time:
For 20 years Andy worked in the Financial Field, he has been a strategic analyst, manager, director and a senior at several fortune 500 and 100 companies. He has BA and MBA from University of Delaware. He put his work first when there is something important that has to get done. It doesn’t matter how many hours he has to put in, weekends or holidays he gives up, the task will get finished.
Truck driving is a physically hard job, you drive for up to 14 hours you sleep in the back of truck smelling diesel fuel, you eat cheap and fast food most of the time, occasionally squeezing in salad. A truck driver has to deal with the elements of the weather and idiot drivers. The driver is at the mercy of the dispatcher, you don’t get to chose where you go. The pay is about 38 cents a mile, if the truck isn’t moving you aren’t getting paid. There are no paid holidays, if the truck breaks down and is in the shop, the driver doesn’t get paid. The stresses of not being home, missing your family not to mention being able to sleep in your own bed and taking a private shower.
Those are just several of the reasons why the truck driving industry has such a high turn over rate.
So the next time some fool tries to tell me it’s a job and laughs while they stand line at Starbucks at 9:00 am just getting into the office to deal with emails.



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