Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another year....

A funny thing happen to me on the way home from work, a woman stopped me on the way out the door to describe her recent experience with the CNN Tour. She had gone with her son and wanted me to share with them what I did for the company. I explain politely that I was an associate producer. She asked for further details about the job. I gave her a brief explanation and told her I was one of many people who helped get the news on the air or website. At the point I was about to wish her and her family a good night. When she asked me how long I had worked for Cable News Network. I told her I was relatively new to the business.

Her next statement through for me a loop, “But your not young.”

I had the grace to laugh and tell her “I’m 39 and this is my version of a midlife crisis.”

She looked down at her young children and responded “There’s hope for me yet.”

She wished me a happy holiday, and out I went into Atlanta’s winter.

Laughter aside and a bit of wounded pride that I am probably beginning to look my age.

I want people to know that you should never hold your age as something that prevents you from accomplishing new dreams.

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