Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home values

I’m sure everyone that follows by twitter feed @etcpolitics know that my house was put to auction on January 4th, according to GMAC the bank didn’t make it’s reserve, so the house didn’t sell. The next day I had note posted on my door from Austin Brokers a real estate and foreclosure experts. Requesting I contact them as soon as possible to get cash for keys. The realtor has offered 1000.00 for us to move and have house broom clean. At this point beggars can’t be choosers, so we agreed. We have several applications out at rental properties, but because of the recent snow storm we haven’t heard back. So every one cross fingers and say a small prayer that it comes back approved.

But on to what I really want to talk about: Commonwealth of Massachusetts the trial court Land Court Department. US Bank National Assoc vs. Antonio Ibanez and Wells Fargo Bank Na vs. Mark LaRace and Tammy LaRace.

All you have to do is put GMAC in the sentence and the Marietta Daily Journal as oppose to the Atlanta Journal Constitution a more widely read paper. Deutsche Bank is already in the mix. I have to wonder if GMAC can prove they own the house.

Looks like the courts have woken up and realized they actually have to protect 200 years of precedent dealing with ownership of property.

I know we haven’t made payments in over year, even if we had the money the bank would have refuse payment. But now Andy works for US Xpress, he’s gone all month, but he’s making good money. Also the job market appears to have thawed a bit, because he has had some positive responses.

We genuinely wanted to keep the house, even though we know that house will never ever regain its former value. We were willing to take the loss in the future.

But Deutsche bank wants their money back or is it GMAC….

If I had the money and an attorney willing to take on the case, I’d love to find out.


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