Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charge the hill

A friend of mine had an interview about a month ago, and mentioned an incident that she was quite proud of and the interviewer snickered.

To avoid any confrontation and in order to get the job, she overlooked the rude remark.

Was it out jealousy or just to make her feel bad, unknown.

But I told her who gives a flying rat’s #$%.

But to play it safe not to mention it again.

Sad to say.

In other news I moved the entire house with help of the movers and Brannon Perkins our next door neighbor, with out him it wouldn’t have happen at all.

The reason why I ended up doing the move by myself was because the trucking company my husband works for, told him if he didn’t report on Saturday morning he would be fired. Even after he told them about the extraordinary circumstances in his personal life; so he went into work with his partner Terry picked up a load and drove to Irving, Texas. Where for the next FOUR days the truck was in the shop getting repaired, because some dim wad in Tunnel Hill, Georgia doesn’t know his or her butt from tech tool. When the truck is in break down mode, he gets paid 30 bucks a day and the company has to pay for a hotel. So everyone is losing money.



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