Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dreams and fast cars

I was dreaming about my Mustang. The car not the horse, this morning my last thoughts before I woke up was the door closing on the car. There wasn’t anything extra ordinary about it. In my parents’ driveway, returning from some unknown errand, I glance back at it and continued to wake up.

I usually don’t dwell too much on dreams they usually are a replay of past events in your brain. But this one stuck with me. It probably has to do with the fact we live right across the high school and I see all the teenagers in their first cars.

All much nicer and newer, I myself have moved on to minivans and newer cars.

But if I had choice of cars: It would be a Mustang 71 fast back blue with the stripe down the middle.

Uncle Sam doesn’t charge for dreaming. Yet.


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