Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jobs and interviews

Questions to ask in an interview:

What was the instance in your life that made you want to make sure people knew the truth?

When I was in 5th grade my social studies told the class that Sir. Francis Drake was the first person to circumnavigate the globe. I raised my hand and told her publicly that Magellan was the first sailor to accomplish that task. Needless to say I had to prove it. And in 1981 the internet wasn’t even a glint in Google’s eye. I went to the encyclopedia Britannica and found the entry about to Magellan; I went up to her desk put in front of her. My teacher was less then thrilled, but grudgingly agreed.

What was the moment you decided to be a journalist?

I wish the answer could be as cut and dry. I spent 17 years in the credit card industry, talking to people and asking questions. And listening to their answers and weaving story of either for or against them. The majority of time without their knowledge until a decision was metered out.

Education, the main sticking point of every interview, gotta check off that list.

I read everything. I’ve read enough books about the history and politics of just about every country at different times and eras. When I’m sitting at the kids pediatrics ‘office I read the medical books in the library; I’ve surprised more then one Doctor, especially when I understand and can explain what I’ve just read.

If I could just read a book and take a test at the end I would have several Masters already.

I enjoy watching CSPAN during the day or listening to it the car. It’s fun to hear Congress debate some of the most mundane stuff and then some things that will seriously affect our lives.

I watch all the Sunday Morning talk shows; including Fox Sunday Morning (a great way to get the blood going) it’s interesting to watch the pundits echo each other. Or listen as they get it WRONG and the person doing the interview wasn’t properly prepped, to ask a good follow up question.

My classroom is my life.

I have 20 years of work experience, 5 of which I’ve spent in journalism.

I can do the job.


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