Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday at my kids’ swim practice, I was asked by another mom if I work full time. Not sure what provoked the question, but it’s odd to be asked it.

I responded well I freelance at CNN… Oh where is that? I assumed she was being polite. I replied in Atlanta by Centennial Park. She still seemed confused.

But then again it followed a theme all week: a person who had just started a new job was instructed by her boss not to offer any new opinions until they had been there a few weeks. Another individual had not followed the advice and was now having difficult time.

Eh? When ever some one new showed up on my team and we were going through the usual numbers I always invited the “new guy” to share his or perspective on the situation. It’s one way to make sure things don’t get stale.

Knowledge is power. But fear of knowledge makes you powerless.

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