Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden: Good bye and Good riddance

My kids found out this morning before going to school that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by US Special forces.

James reaction: Ooh- rah.

Alex: Where did they bury him?

Daniel: Who would want him?

Ian: Did they use airplanes? And where’s my waffle?

My older three kids are history buffs much like we are. They are familiar with moments in history that have changed the course of human events.

We answered their question in an honest rated G to PG.

Yes, it’s okay to cheer there were no US causalities. Be very proud that our intelligence agency and military were able to work so closely together to get this job done.

The US government respected the Islamic faith and made sure he was buried within 24 hours. In this case the military did it at sea in accordance to naval tradition.

According to John Brennan, the government did not believe that the Islamic tradition of being buried 24 hours after death would have allowed time for him to be buried in a country.

The US military used Apache helicopters, to enter Osama Bin Laden’s base of operations. Ian has a poster in his room detailing helicopters we pointed it out.

Last, will this help the families from 9/11?

My response if I had lost you or your father in the attacks on 9/11 nothing would ever make me miss you less.

But this would help.


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