Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tools = Fun

It's one heck of a hot Thursday here in Atlanta and throughout most of the South East. So, we have a couple of choices: Stay indoors with the air conditioning on, head out to the stores or go to the pool. Well right now we've done the first two, the pool we'll go to in a bit.

First the two younger boys had their hair trimmed, some ice cream for being well behaved. Then we went to Wal-Mart, Ian typically gets a Hot Wheels car and plays with it for all of one minute. So, I decided let spend a bit more money and I bought some Play Dough, just the dough, nothing extra.

We get home, unpack the van and get everything that should be frozen into the fridge. Afterwards I clear the kitchen table to give Ian some space, I pull out the plastic yellow cans and set them out for him to play with. His first question now where are all the tool? Ah well I didn't buy any...  ya know that sound a record player use to make when you pulled the needle across instead of up. Shock and awe, George W Bush couldn't have put the kibosh on fun more then I just had.

But then I remembered  what an adults kitchen is really for: play. I gave him a can, a dull kitchen knife and some small measuring cups. Viola! Tools!  

Ian, smiled and said cool.

Yes, very cool indeed.


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