Monday, August 1, 2011


A few years ago Citizens United gave corporate titans the right to express and fund their political opinion as they see fit. Big Business now has the same rights as an individual citizens under the First Amendment.

As an individual citizen I have certain rights and responsibility to and for my country. I pay my taxes, vote and make a good effort to raise my children to be socially functional human beings, so they in turn ( I have three sons) will register for the Armed Services, Vote, get educated, be fully employed, and pay taxes.

As a corporate citizen if you want to have the same rights as an individual. Then you have to pay taxes.

I'm not saying, hike the rates, but instead reform the tax code. In order to close some loop holes. And tax certain money makers at the correct rates.

Perhaps then we can move forward, when it comes to education, infrastructure, energy and jobs.

Just a thought.


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