Saturday, September 17, 2011

Justin Bieber and my kid

When life hand you lemons make lemonade. Easier said then done.

Today is the 33rd Annual Georgia Music Awards it is being performed at the Cobb Energy Center. We bought the tickets well in advance for Alex and me to attend. They aren’t the closest seats to the stage but she would have had a good view. Her primary reason for going is that Justin Bieber is going to perform and his managers amongst others are being inducted into the Georgia Hall of Fame. We are all ready and set to go…. When a really big huge life issue came in.

A family emergency in Florida has called my husband. And therefore leaves us with no babysitter for the other three kids.  

And now my daughter is very upset…. She really wanted to see Justin Bieber perform. Did I say really?

So now I have lemons…..  But no sugar to mix with it.

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