Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ciao Steve Jobs

I'm sitting here working on my Dell laptop, downloading books to my Kindle and listening to music streaming from the Amazon Cloud, currently playing Buffalo Springfield "For what it's worth". All the while writing this blog for my website located on Google.

Last night I finish reading Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Issacson. It was illuminating, I believe Mr. Issacson captured the best and worst of Steve Jobs. He brought Jobs back to earth and made him human. I think his kids when the pain of loss has faded a bit, will read it and  gain a better understanding of who their Dad was. Something I think everyone wishes they could have with their own parents.

He changed the world. Steve Jobs changed my world. I may not use his products ( a bit out of my price league, that and I'm with Verizon and at the time they didn't have the iPhone). But I saw all of the  movies produced by Pixar, and loved them all. The computers and smart phone I use (Dell and Droid X) wouldn't be around right now, if he hadn't been the really pushy guy he had been.

So, thank you Steve Jobs.

Even though you would have told me, every piece of equipment I have is crap.

 But it's my crap.


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