Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not so fast buddy

Does Donna Rice ring a bell to anyone? Or a man named

Gary Hart and a boat called the Monkey Business.

And uh yeah the year was 1988, and we watched on the side lines as Gary Hart's political career imploded.

In 1991 we had the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill hearings, based on allegations of sexual harassment. It was a painful process. But in the end he was appointed as a Supreme Court Justice. And except for last year answering machine message from Ginny Thomas, it has been relegated to ah not so nice part of history.

Bill Clinton: Gennifer Flowers, Paula Snowe, Katherine Wiley and last but not least Monica Lewinsky. Pick a decade he allegedly had issues in all of them. He paid for some in money, in pain and his place in US History and Google will always bring up those incidents.

John Edwards, 2008. He lost his political career, his wife's love  and now he may serve time and or lose his license to practice law, his source of income.

Herman Cain, 20 years ago or so the National Restaurant Association settled two cases with women who alleged sexual harassment charges against him.

Mr. Cain's fate is still uncertain, but one thing for sure, history never forgets.


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