Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Odyssey of an old car

The saga of a minivan Honda Odyssey with over 200,000 miles continues.

The engine light went on last week, so I took it to Auto Zone they will check the engine light without charging you fifty to hundred dollars. It's not exact but it give the car owner a clue. In my case, the knocking sensors had gone bad.

What's a knocking sensors? Well, it doesn't knock on the door, but does control the timing of the explosions in a combustible engine.  

So, we took it to Voyles Honda, they ran the test, and determine the wires leading to the knocking sensors had been eaten or worn out. The bill to fix that puppy, $ 372.00, and we are in between paychecks. Andy's mom came to the rescue to fix the car ( she is incredibly generous) we dropped of the car Monday morning, ready to get the car back that afternoon and continue life as normal.

When man makes plans, God laughs.

And it's so true. I get a call from the service department, telling me in order to get to the knocking sensors they have to move the fuel injectors, and when the mechanic removed them they went and I quote " fell apart". He was going to be kind and only charge me for labor and not the parts, another 350.00. WTF. I told him point blank we don't have the money to pay another 350.00.

I called Roswell Honda, to figure out whether this guy was telling me the truth.

Well, according to the Roswell dealer fuel injectors don't just fall apart, the o- rings might need to be replaced. And they can't all fail at once. After all there are six of them. I told him about the deal, he response why are they charging you for labor if the have to remove them anyway. He was very point blank about having the car towed to another place, any place it didn't have to be his for a second opinion.

Well, I wish I could, it would cost about 70 bucks to have it towed, for only another place to give me the same answer. So instead of 760.00 it would 820.00.

When I talked to Voyles Honda, he told me only three needed to be replaced, and I asked what was bad with them, he explained the tips were bad. I explained, how can they be bad, when nothing was wrong with the car.  

It's a high mileage car, it sits on the top of the engine the heat can cause damage.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  Or in this case Honda.


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