Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So you wanna run for public office

When anyone decides to throw their hat in the ring, to run for any elected office, especially President of the United States. The individual doing the hat throwing better be ready to have that hat, tossed, stepped on, burnt, pooped on, chewed and then sniffed at in a snobby way.

What? Were you expecting a red carpet, rose petals, horns blaring and someone holding the door open for you at the end of the road.

Ha, better bring a crowbar, to pry that sucker open. No one is just going to hand it over to you.

The entire reason we have a mini primary prior to the real primaries is to figure out what a candidate is made of. And yes that means digging beyond what Google tells you up front about the guy. Talking to former employers and employees, ex girlfriends, schools attended. Anyone who can give journalists/ the public better insight into a candidates' character.

So, yeah they are after you.. get use it..  or get the out.


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