Sunday, December 11, 2011


Managing the efforts of others. ( And what not to do)

The New Guy.

And, telling the new guy: Hey they treated me like crap too. Sorry if I do the same to you. Is not a good excuse

Making the new guy feel stupid any time you ask a question, also doesn't help the learning process.

Yes, the new guy can see you shaking your head. Ah, yeah he saw you roll your eyes. And the IM yeah, he was looking at the screen when you sent it.

Oh and by the way that parting remark before you left. "Your not ready to be on your own.,, just honest feedback."

Attempting something new for the first time, then getting screamed at for trying. Doesn't inspire confidence.

Saying: Didn't we just go over that.

And don't think for one blessed moment, that because your write your own performance appraisal, you'll escape judgment.  

Because judgment is coming baby. Maybe not to today. Or tomorrow. But it will come.


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