Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh how the mighty have fallen

When I was about twenty- five years old, a woman by the name of *Patty came into my department. It was her first time working in a call center, and it showed.
What took me 10 seconds to do, take her 20 second, and those seconds add up. Especially when the clock is ticking against you, every second I had to stop and help her, affected my numbers. Well, not really by then I had learned how far I could push different avenues before it seriously hurt me. So, I never minded helping her and others. And yes there were others, I answered the same question from last week, again this week. I would get some one to the right screen, ten times before they would understand how to do it themselves. I would rattle off extensions, from all sorts of departments.
I was the “go to person” or “Know it all”
And then I left. 
I am now the *Patty, you have to show me ten times before I get it. I will ask you same the question from last week to this week.
And no I really don’t get it. But I’m willing to try my best.
Thinking back, I thought I was being gracious and nice to *Patty.
I hope I was, and if I wasn’t.
So, sorry, I know how you feel.

But just like you, I keep going.

*names have been changed.


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