Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't get your mind in a wad

A brief breakdown on what I've read today.

Saul Alinsky, has been brought back to life by Newt Gingrich. I took some time and read a bit about him. Anyone who challenges the status quos is a radical. Just like some Founding Fathers I've read about it. In regard to his tactics, I know some Tea Party members who used the same methods at some Town Halls last summer.

( Yeah, Newt you're not the only who can read history books)

The 57 page memo from Larry Summers to the President Elect Obama. It was well thought out and written, but in 57 pages we had 100 different options and ideas. Like throwing mud on the wall and see what sticks.
I am curious what Secretary Geithner thinks about this leaked memo.

"Don't get your pantyhose in a wad" - Bud Brinkman The Abyss 

Sarah Palin borrowed that line and delivered it to sitting Governor of New Jersey. because he defended his guy Romney on Meet the Press.
Now, I'm not defending Chris Christi, he could wipe the floor with Sarah Palin and return her back to her pundit chair. He doesn't need my help at all with his debate skills. But I take exception to the cheap shot, when the person who said it QUIT her job. Tells SC to vote for Gingrich, but doesn't endorse him. Give me a break. Pick a side. And stick with it.

Today is the 18th Republican Primary debate on NBC, Brian Williams will be moderating...  good gravy..  18.


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