Monday, January 9, 2012

Football and God.

Any Given Sunday.

When the NFL is on Sundays any team can walk away with a win. Even the best and brightest can have a really great day or a really bad one.

Yesterday was a good example of  just that,  Pittsburgh Steelers fell behind early. They started a brief comeback, tied it and then lost the game in overtime.

And just to remind you the Steelers were playing an away game and just like many other teams, have a hard time making a comeback.

For the Steelers and their fans, it just hard to take because it ends their playoff chances. And please don't whine about the calls from referees, you got to keep your touchdown.

No where in my little essay was there anything about God or Tebow. The Steelers had a bad day. And the Broncos a good one.

Any Given Sunday.


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