Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Call for any one but Mitt

So, let's vote for Newt so he can stay in a little longer. Not win the nomination, but make sure the vetting process is done correctly.

Well, you are right on that one, because Senator McCain and Crew sure as heck didn't vet you very well.

But this is a different ball game, you just don't want Mitt.

Say it with me: Anybody but Mitt.

Why because he's going to lose, but not because you don't think he's a proper conservative but because he doesn't have "it".

The "it" that pulls people in, and makes them want to follow.

Newt has some of the "it" he can talk off script and as long as he stays away from the rabbit hole, can make a convincing argument as to why he should be president.

 But and there's always a but, history comes back to the front, his time as Speaker of the House. When you have Senator Coburn on the Fox Sunday Show saying point blank "No, not him". When he makes statements clearly meant to his base, and forgetting he's running for President of the United States, not just parts of the US he likes.

So, say it with me Mrs. Palin " Anybody but Mitt."


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