Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh Jon Huntsman.. Jon Huntsman

Oh Jon Huntsman. Jon Huntsman.

Did you ever really think you had a chance.

The answer.. ah no. Not really, but you did give it an old' college try. Including the cheerleaders. ( beautiful daughters and smart). Not to mention the perfect resume: you worked in the Reagan and George HW Bush administrations ( should have networked better), ran the Huntsman Corp (2010 revenues 9 billion ), Governor of Utah and various ambassadorships' Singapore and China.  Maybe you shouldn't have taken the job offer from President Obama, plead some excuse. The motor cross ad, introducing you to that American public, even I could have done better content.

Need I go on.... sure why not.   

You would have made a decent President and okay Vice President.

But running against President Obama, you need to need to be more then decent. And that's why you and it has to be said Mitt Romney will lose.


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