Wednesday, January 18, 2012

XL KeyStone PipeLine

Let's get a couple things straight.

First, President Obama doesn't object to oil pipelines used to transport oil to Port Arthur in Texas. And the State Department doesn't either. Governor Heineman also has no objection to the pipeline.

What they all object to is where it's going through and that Congress said  "You have 60 days to review and approve it."

TransCanada has to reapply with all the information concerning the new route and according to Politico they are planning to do just that, so much for running to China. All that information has to be reviewed, questions asked and answered, then confirmed.  Afterwards the States, yes people the 10th Amendment swings both ways, that have the pipeline going through the; also will survey and confirm the details. And just like Governor Heineman (R) NE, didn't want the pipe going through the Sand Hills, other states may also have objections.

All of this takes time. The old adages measure twice cut once applies here.

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